It's Autumn and that means fashion is more "challenged" during this time of the year! 

What I'm saying is that the girls will be brave and mix and match this season's colors and the boys well, the boys will be boys!

Hey guys whatever you decide to do just make sure you don't do this!

Summer Says....this is not HOT!

Anyways back to real fashion.  Today's look is motivated by Boho Chic!

What's Boho Chic you ask? 

Well, Boho Chic is part Island fashion with hippie flair.

A Boho Chic gal like myself loves an extra high wedge toe sandal. 

Yep, I know I am already tall but hey a little more height can't hurt!

Pair this with skinny jeans, a form fitting shirt, not to form fitting, lol, and were ready to go!

Oh, don't forget ya floppy hat, a girls gotta protect her skin from those UV rays!

Summer Says...Peace, Love, and Fashion!

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