Let's talk about ROUNDTABLE pizza for a bit! 

Their pizza is hot, cheesy, delicious it's a must that you get it fresh out the oven!

This weekend my Ma', Dad and I took a trip to pizza heaven. 

We ordered the creamy garlic sauce pizza with spicy pepperoni.

Now you can put anything on the pizza like bacon (YUM) or ham even shrimp (which I can't have because I'm allergic). 

But with my Ma' not liking what me and my dad picked for our toppings she decided to go with the regular ole' cheese and pepperoni. 

The garlic pizza never lasts long because my dad decides he wants to take all of it so I have to get some while I can. 

I recommend you order this pizza fresh because if you wait till later to eat it the experience is not the same lol. 

That's all for today on SSWU check back this Saturday to see what I throw down in the kitchen. 

Then next week I geek out on something that has to do with bows and Japan.

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