Remember when I said I was going to post about something 

that has to do with bows and Japan? 

Well, the particular thing I'm talking about is Hello Kitty

Before we get into the main topic let's talk about my slowly 

growing collection of HK items. 

My HK stationary set and my "little pink wallet".

My kind of worn out, but classic nerds lunchbox. (I know 

it says I apple nerds but it's really supposed to be "I 

heart nerds!"

Back to what this post is really about (not the 

controversy that HK is not a cat) but the first Hello Kitty 

convention ever. 

This convention celebrates the 40th 

anniversary of HK.  There is going to be workshops,

speakers, panels, FOOD, and more. Ticket prices are $30 for 

adults and $20 for children. For more information go here.

With Lots of Luv,


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