Guess what Swifties: there’s a new Taylor Swift album out! If you didn’t know that well where have you been. Her new album is called 1989. The reason behind the name you ask? Well it all started with her birth year. Taylor felt that she should do a tribute to late 80’s pop music while still making this album a biography. The first single for this album is called Shake It Off. When I first heard the title I thought “Wait a second isn’t that the title of a Mariah Carey song?”, but then I realized that the songs have two different meanings, Taylor is shaking off the haters while Mariah is shaking off her ex. In my opinion not all of the songs were as great as others, but the sound of  this album is like a bubbly, magical forest type of sound. The songs included are:
  1. Welcome To New York
  2. Blank Space
  3. Style
  4. Out Of The Woods
  5. All You Had To Do Was Stay
  6. Shake It Off
  7. I Wish You Would
  8. Bad Blood
  9. Wildest Dreams
  10. How You Get The Girl
  11. This Love
  12. I Know Places
  13. Clean

You can buy her new album here

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