I know I'm a little late on this but today's post is a movie review on my new favorite movie The Hundred-Foot Journey. This movie is really good (and not because the guy who plays the main character Hassan is good looking) and it's about a family leaving India to go to France because their restaurant was set on fire and they meet this lady, Madame Mallory, who has her own restaurant as well. Well let's just say Hassan's dad and Madame M don't exactly get along in the beginning. Meanwhile Hassan is learning how to cook like a French (warning: the food you see in this movie looks really good) and falls in love with the other main character, Marguerite, who happens to be Madame M's daughter. While all of this is going on Madame M and Hassan's dad are always at each other (it's very funny too). At the end of the movie both family's get along really well with each other and Hassan ends up being a well-known chef. Now for the moral of this story: Food can bring people together. That's all for today stay tuned for my future movie reviews. 

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